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Facet Syndrome

Topic Summary


Facet Syndrome is a subluxation with tension, pressure, stretching, or irritation of the vertebral joint capsule, and is due to trauma or postural strain.

Causes and risk factors

As mentioned above, Facet Syndrome can be caused by postural strain or trauma. For example, patients can experience repetitive strain simply by sitting poorly, and repeated strain may eventually lead to further problems.

Signs and Symptoms:

Symptoms basically depend on whether the condition is acute or subacute. Pain is normally localized in one area, but there is a potential that the pain could occur somewhere other than where the condition originated. For example, your condition could be on one side of your neck, but you may feel pain on both sides or at your shoulder blade.

With Facet Syndrome, pain is usually described as “catching” pain, and feels sharp.

There is no numbness or tingling experienced with Facet Syndrome and it is often aggravated by movement. Patients may notice tenderness to pressure and restricted movements, and may find that they cannot move as well.

Sacet Syndrome is not a condition that will be evident on films.


In chiropractic we would normally use manipulation for a three week period, and may even use Interferential Current/Soft Tissue Treatment (i.e. Massage), and ice.

Other treatment options include the medical usage of injections such as Xylocaine, Marcaine, and Lidocaine.


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