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Suggested Exercises

The most common area of concern for chiropractic patients is lower back pain, and there are a number of exercisesthat focus on muscle endurance for this area.

The first is called “CAT-CAMEL”. In this exercise patients position themselves on all fours, and when they inhale they fill their tummy with air, making the spine drop closer to the ground (like a camel). Then, they exhale and they allow their stomach to go as tight as it will go, making the spine curl away from the ground (like a cat who is scared).

The second exercise is called the “Quadraped”. For this exercise the patient positions themselves on all fours again and simply lifts one arm at a time while keeping the back completely flat like a table. Once the patient has mastered this, they can attempt the more advanced version of the exercise by lifting one arm and the opposite leg together. The back should always remain as flat as possible.

The third exercise is “Modified Abdominal Crunches”. For this exercise, patients want to cause the least amount of pressure possible in the lumbar spine. The patient will lie on their back, with hands underneath the small of the back, with one leg straight, and the other bent at a 45 degree angle.

The final exercise for the lower back is for the “Lateral Oblique Muscles”. Patients will lie on their side while resting on their elbow or hand. They will then raise their side abdominals and laterally pull away from the ground.

Performing these exercises on a regular basis will have a substantial impact on the stability of core musculature.


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